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Multiplicity – Arkansas Art Center

November 12, 2012

Multiplicity is a dynamic art exhibit making waves at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock Arkansas. From the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, this traveling exhibition brings the art of printmaking to the dynamic Arkansas Art Center.

Celebrating esteemed print makers like Chuck Close and Kiki Smith, Multiplicity explores the art of printmaking on a monumental scale. In a digital age where anyone can generate prints at a click of a mouse button, Multiplicity explores the time honored and somewhat forgotten trade of printmaking, making multiple prints from a single image. Printmaking was once a great art form using techniques like wood blocks and metal prints to create exquisite prints. Creating a print was an excruciatingly complicated process and a true art form that created beautiful masterpieces. The artists of the Multiplicity collection take this classic trade one step further by using multiple images in an innovative way creating an multiple workds of art in one image on a grand scale. This stunning fits right at home in the Arkansas Art Center, a interactive center for the visual and performing arts.

Visit the Multiplicity exhibit, and all the Arkansas Art Center marvelous offerings and delight your inner creativity. Delve into a world full of imagination and delight and discover what the Arkansas Art Center has to enrapture visitors of all ages.