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Wildwood’s Lanterns Festival

February 8, 2013

This first full moon of the lunar year, folks should consider heading to the Wildwood’s Lanterns Festival in Arkansas. Held at Wildwood Park for the Arts in Little Rock, this festival is held from late afternoon until approximately 10 p.m. from February 22 through the 24th. Participants can look forward to a fun and interesting time whether by themselves, as a romantic encounter, a friend’s outing or a romantic date.

This wonderful evening consists of many magical aspects such as live theater and music, plenty of delicious food and drink, a multicultural experience featuring eight separate cultures (such as Shakespearian England and Japan), and gorgeous, artistic lanterns. Paths lighted by these works of art make for a beautiful, rewarding experience. This is a popular event in Little Rock is enjoyed by thousands of locals and out of the area visitors alike. Yet it is never too crowded to accommodate more folks looking for a wonderful time. It would be a shame for anyone to miss this event if they are anywhere near.

Come down to Little Rock and experience beauty, culture and a magical experience with someone in your life.